I really have no one to talk to because I tend to hold everything inside , but I feel it’s just weighing on me even more holding it in . I currently have a 7 year old from a previous relationship and I am 6 months pregnant by a guy I’ve been seeing on and off for 3 years ... he’s always been a sweet heart to me until I told him I was pregnant ... now he doesn’t talk to me and is just very disrespectful when he does . I feel so disappointed in myself because I promised myself I wouldn’t go through this type of hurt again and here I am going through bs AGAIN .. not enjoying my pregnancy , sad and unhappy at the fact it’s a chance my child won’t have her dad in the picture ... I’ve recently came across his sister page and I thought about reaching out to her but then I’m just like no that’s his job to share with his family ... I just don’t know how to feel or think . I don’t regret my baby because I’ve prayed for another child just didn’t think it’ll end up like this . I know he won’t be there when I give birth or even help with anything , it just hurts smh