Positive test today but I’m bleeding...


*update* so blood work confirms we are pregnant. Tuesday to Thursday it went form 152 to 280. Is this a bad sign? Still spotting as of Friday, I have a cramp in my left leg that feels more like a Charlie horse then a period cramp, and my doctor put me on progesterone because mine was very low (only 2.92 where it should be around 11). Any one have any experience with this?

I’m getting concerned, I started spotting last Friday, just super light no concerning spotting, but yesterday I noticed I had more spotting and today was full on bleeding with what appears to be clotting. I got home from work at 5:30 and decided to take a test because according to my cycle I should ovulating. Well they were both positive. Just took a 3rd unnecessarily and it was positive. No cramping but the bleeding concerns me. I checked my cervix and it feels closed. Should I be concerned? I’m calling my OB in the am.