Should I be offended?

My in-laws are visiting this week from across the country. This is their annual trip to visit my husbands children. They stay with us a few nights and then take the kids away for a few nights.

My mother in law has always been a stay at home mom/wife (kids are all long gone from home) and father in law is retired Air Force. They are extremely sweet, kind hearted and generous people. We announced to them upon arriving that I am pregnant. Everyone is over the moon!

My husband has a brother who followed in dad’s footsteps and is also a pilot in the Air Force. He has a stay at home mom/wife with twins. They’re also extremely sweet and kind hearted people. My mother in law speaks very highly and often about them as they can relate perfectly to one another.

I came home today after commuting from my very demanding full time job (completely exhausted from pregnancy) to a new vacuum cleaner in a box on my dining room floor. Not just a cheapie, but a $350 professional pet one (we have 2 dogs). Now, I purchased a pricy robot vacuum less than a year ago. In all honesty I have a hard time keeping up with the vacuuming otherwise given my demanding schedule. Apparently it’s not getting the job done?

Mother in law told my husband that she got it for the baby, so it can be as healthy as possible. My fetus already has cleaning tools...

Let’s also mention that gifts come in the mail for the children and my husband almost monthly. Sometimes there is a dish towel or two thrown in for me (I could care less about receiving gifts).

Again, she has taken much pride in being a stay at home mom/wife over the years. Is she just making sure I’m able to keep up? Should I be offended?