Turning during diaper changes!!! 🤯😳😡

Elisabeth • Wife & Mom 💚 Jace Anthony 💚 Born 11/28/18

My son is now 9 months. Never thought we would get pregnant and it finally worked while on the medicine Metformin (for my PCOS). I knew if we did it wouldn’t be easy as a first time mom. What I learned is its not, but the smiles and cuddles always outweigh the hard times. Some of those hard things now are diaper changes... as he doesnt want to lay flat... just roll. So if you are having the same problem here’s a tip *****lay your baby on his back and put his bottom/legs closest to your tummy in between your legs. Gently place your feet/toes on each of his shoulders to hold him flat and change away (quickly lol). It’s the only thing that’s worked for my son. He is bored of holding toys during a diaper change. Good luck!