JπŸ’–πŸŒ» β€’

Hello beautiful ladies!

I just wanted to share something amazing πŸ’– (may be a long post)

Firstly last night I had a seriously awesome and beautiful encounter with Jesus last night! I was on my face weeping and crying because I didn't know what to do with my life, or where to turn, especially during this journey of trying to conceive. I cried out to the Lord for favour to have children, and Jesus came and sat with me in the room (I looked up and only saw His outstretched hands and feet - the presence was so strong and I was shaking - i saw the scars and knew He was with me) and He simply asked "what do you want?" At first I said "Lord you know what I want, why do I need to ask again?" And He said "Just ask"

So I said my hearts desire, both mine and my husbands, is to conceive, to have children, to have twins.

Then the Lord spoke and said "I have heard your hearts cry, and I will do this for you. You must declare this in my name every day. And it will be done"

Well I never felt such peace. Since then I've been declaring in Jesus name for these things (just sharing a comment I posted on another thread)

And I'm going to continue to do these things.

We've only been trying for 3 months (currently on 3rd cycle tww) but I struggle with my weight and felt that I needed to start believing and speaking in the power of Jesus. (Side note: I have been exercising and eating healthy and really trying to lose weight too)

So ladies, I want to encourage you, however long or short you have been trying:

1) NOTHING is impossible for Jesus to do

2) NOTHING is too small or big for the Lord to handle

3) we cannot put limitations on what God can do

If you are struggling with infertility or just starting your journey,

I want you to declare this every day:

"I am STRONG and WELL in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus I WILL CONCIEVE, for nothing is too great for you Lord. I declare in the name of Jesus that miscarriage HAS NO PLACE in my body, miscarriage is from the enemy, and You want us to CARRY LIFE in abundance. I declare in Jesus name, that I will have a full term, healthy pregnancy, no complications. Just as you blessed Rebekah, you will bless me. I declare in Jesus name that I will have (x number) children. Nothing is impossible for you. I thank you Jesus that these things WILL come to pass. Amen."

I hope this encourages you all xx many blessings!