Mad af

Landlord gave me permission to bring my cat, I made it very clear if I wasn’t allowed to I would find somewhere else. I am not giving up my cat. Now, after a month of living here they change their mind (they don’t want to allow the cat anymore but someone else can keep their dog), tell me the rent is going up, AND I owe a deposit.

None of this was previously discussed with me and now I don’t have the money or ability to move right now. Had I know my cat was unwanted I would have found somewhere else from the beginning. I am not giving up my cat because someone else has an issue with them. I personally find it so fucking stupid people can casually say “get rid of it” when talking about animals but if anyone said that about a kid they’d have a hissy fit.

I’d like to stay anonymous so I’ll update and answer comments here. The cat isn’t destroying anything, she’s very calm and has her claws capped. She isn’t urinating anywhere but her litter box which is in my room and kept clean. Thank you all for the advice and the comments 😁