Usually I don’t post things like this but I need your words of encouragement!

Getting married in less than three weeks. Gave birth 9 weeks ago. My body of course is not how I wanted it to be, i known you’ll say it’s my fault for getting married so quickly after giving birth , my original wedding date changed because we tragically lost a family member and I don’t want to postpone it because I have two people in my family that are very sick and don’t want to risk not having them there for my wedding day.

However I look at myself and I hate me , I still have about 15 lbs to loose but I feel like I have so much more. I feel really sad that I won’t be able to feel pretty on my wedding day. I feel like I’m missing out on so many things, I always tried to have a nice body and feel pretty and now whether I do I feel like a monster every time

I look myself in the mirror. Doesn’t help that the scale is stuck for over a month now. I’m just so sad.