Exposure to Bug Foggers During Pregnancy

Stevie • Married💍 11.24.18 3.26.17 👼🏼 EVR

We recently started renting a house and as we started to clean/move some things in we noticed some water bugs/cockroaches scurrying around. We are bringing in a professional treater, but we were wanting to wait until after they pulled up the carpets & put new in before we had them come in. We decided to go ahead and buy some foggers from Tractor Supply to try and get ahead of killing some of them off as I know it’s a process. My husband set them off about 3:45PM yesterday, 1 in each room so a total of 6. My mother was suppose to be there this morning to air it out a bit before I came out to the house as we had some contractors coming to work on our sub flooring, but she over slept and the contractors came early. My husband was already at work so my only choice was to go in. I went in about 8:30AM and unlocked the doors, turned on the electricity, moved some stuff around, and opened up the windows. I was there maybe 30-45 minutes, washed my hands before leaving, and showered as soon as I got home but I am more worried about breathing the air in before it had a chance to completely air out. I didn’t smell a strong smell but also was trying to breath as little in as possible. The older contractor man did cough a few times while we were in there, but that may have been a pre existing cough? I have just entered my 3rd trimester, and was wondering if any one has some insight or experience with this before. If I should be worried about the exposure or not, I guess just looking to calm my mind? I do plan to talk to my doctor at my appointment next week but don’t feel it’s worth calling over as I’ve already been exposed.