Teen Mom. Need Advice

Im a teen and currently living at home.. i’m 38 weeks pregnant and throughout my whole pregnancy my parents have been providing and buying for my baby. i feel terrible and would be working but haven’t been able to due to complications. My boyfriend has been not the greatest to me through my pregnancy and has only bought my daughter a few outfits. he just got his job back, he wasn’t working for a while and so for the past few weeks he’s been promising me that he would buy her crib because he hasn’t bought anything yet. i’m getting induced at 39 weeks so i really need to get it and hVe it set up as soon as possible. Well now he isn’t buying it according to him and hasn’t been going to work this week and i told him if he didn’t buy it my parents wouldn’t let him over to see her because they have bought everything. last week when my bf was supposed to buy the crib and didn’t my dad was really angry and was about to go buy it himself but my bf promised that this weekend he would get it so i told my dad not to worry about it and now my bf is saying he isn’t going to buy it. I told him that he wouldn’t be allowed over and it would cause arguments bc he hasn’t done anything and forced my parents to take on being financially responsible for our child and he told me he would take me to court and get custody of my daughter then. I know he’s a terrible guy and i wouldn’t even consider him my “boyfriend” at this point anymore it just has me so hurt that he hasn’t got her anything. i am so thankful for my parents for helping me as much as they have when they didn’t have to but i feel so terrible and want to get a job as soon as i can after i give birth just so i don’t have to rely on them to take care of my baby. but am i wrong to be angry with him that he won’t even buy her anything?