Fender bender on the way to DR.

Abigail • Stay at home wife/ crazy cat lady and mommy to angel baby. Due in March with our rainbow girl!

Today started out horrible as soon as I woke up I couldn't find anything to wear since it was raining outside then I couldn't find my car keys. Took my husband and I 20 minutes to find them. On our way to the Dr. we were driving down the interstate when a work van in front of us slammed on his brakes and I of course slammed on mine but since it was raining my brakes locked up and I slid into the back of the van not even 10 feet from our exit. The van was okay only had a tiny dent in their bumper since it was solid metal. My car on the other had is totaled the front is smashed in on the driver side and the frame is bent. My car is a sports car so mostly fiber glass and aluminium. We were lucky to make it out okay. Had to rearrange my appointment for later in the day but I was finally able to see our rainbow at 12 weeks kicking mommies bladder and wiggling to much for the tech. That's the only upside to today. I might lose my license and I wreck my only car but at least my baby is okay.