Had "make up" sex this morning

My husband and I rarely argue and never go to bed angry. Last night he kept saying that our son (2) "never listens". Our son is my life, my biggest role, and frankly a freaking awesome kid. Yeah there are times when he doesn't listen, but he's 2! So anyway I took it personally as an attack on my parenting, and retaliated by saying he doesn't know anything about our son because he chooses to have hobbies over spending time with us. This is partly true, but his hobbies have financial benefit, plus he works 50-60 hours a week. So I get that he needs time for himself. Anyway 7 months pregnant, I'm hormonal and exhausted so I went to bed without another word. When I woke up at 6:30 he was still in bed which never happens, not even on weekends. I took it as his way of showing he does want to spend time with me, so he got a hand job and make up sex 😅. We're always too tired to have sex at night so it was great. Just had to share. Marriage is hard sometimes and adding kids in makes it 1000xs harder.