So mad right now 😠

So I have a 8 week old little boy. He's my only child but his dad has a 15 yearold daughter. My son isn't one to really cry just to cry he normally needs or wants something. Well im a sahm his dad goes to work from 9 to 1. He came home and decided he needed a nap 2 hours after being home now our son is up from his nap ( he sleeps quite alot) I'm making dinner and asked him to keep him busy for me. He decided to try and make him go to sleep so he can take a nap. Ok cool but this boy has been sleeping all day and I'm not making him go to sleep just so a grown man can nap at 6 pm. So I take him and tell him I got him. Baby starts fussing while I was busy I was 5 feet away from him well his dad comes out the bed room telling him he's nothing but a cry baby that's all he going to be when he gets bigger and all that. Like hello he is still a baby what is he going to do talk? Like no babies cry dumb ass 😠🤦 just so mad he would call him a cry baby and mean it. Like he was so hateful about it. I want to tell him to leave but he lives here too.