Maybe wrong group but I need advice ASAP!

Ok So My husband who got in trouble last year from drugs, he even went to jail for it & got out on probation, & for the past 8 months I know he’s been messing up doing the same drug that he got in trouble for! He was getting drug tested all the way up til March and passed everyone, he was doing drugs up to 2 or 3 days before his drug test! Now he don’t have to do mandatory drug test so I’ve been buying them at Walmart $20 a test and done bought like 10 just for him to lie about the drug & fail it!! My question is, who can I contact about him doing drugs when he’s still on probation?? He also missed his court date and don’t even care to call and see about rescheduling it! He’s got a caring wife & 4 kids that want him to straighten up & he doesn’t seem to care! He’s on the verge of losing his job because of it! Please comment and let me know!!!!! Thanks so much in advance!!

Btw:I’m the wife!! & no I’m not talking about WEED!!

We live together in the same house!! Been together 7 years! Here lately the drug use has gotten really bad! He said he don’t have money to buy any drugs but the shit ain’t free! He works as a mechanic and has access to the register so hoping and praying he ain’t taking money from the place he works to buy the drugs!