Contractions question *ftm* UPDATE

Samantha • 👧🏻🤰❤

How long from the beginning of your contractions did they get frequent enough to go in?

Ftm, 40+1 and about midnight i had my bloody show. I think my water has been linking from about then until last little trickle was at 5:30am. About 4am I woke up to contractions, about 30 seconds duration. Not sure if i should go in soon considering I think my water broke or wait it out until contractions get more severe. I am aware of the 1 minute duration, 5 minutes apart, for 1 hour rule. Does that still apply?

Hospital is about 1 hr away and hubby is still in bed so trying to "plan"


Update: called and they wanted me to go in to get checked. I was originally hesitant because hospital is an hour from us. But yes, it was my water! And now i'm sitting here just about 24 hrs from water breaking STILL in labor waiting for baby to be ready. On pitocin. Last dialated to 3 couple hours ago. Come on!!