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There isn’t a step by step process. There is no right or wrong. You shouldn’t be ashamed or feel “too young” to masterbate. If you are old enough to know what it is, you should give it a try.

It is healthy to masterbate. It can lower pain levels during period cramps or even childbirth. It can also make you fall asleep or just feel in a better mood.

Now, for the ADVICE on how to masterbate:

(note: This is advice. Not everyone will agree or feel the same. This is based of my personal experience and knowledge.)

-Don’t use something dumb (like a hairbrush) to masterbate. Inserting anything foreign into your body is usually harmful. Stick to things made to go into your vagina, like dildos, dicks, fingers, and tongues.

-You don’t always have to penetrate. Sometimes rubbing your clitoris can get you off. A lot of people just squeeze their legs together or hump a pillow. Whatever makes you feel good honey!

-Lube up! This could be actual lube, but use your spit when you start. You obviously don’t have to, but for me personally, it helps me get going. ;)

-Get help. Whether it is from an girl, a guy, or some porn, having assistance can help you orgasm.

-You also don’t need to orgasm. If you can, great! I am so proud of you! :)) But if you can’t, I am so proud of you too! Sometimes something isn’t right. Your mood, the weather, what you’re doing, and so on.

-Some porn is better than others. Sometimes hardcore and male-focused porn can freak you out. Like no one moans that loud and the dicks are not that big. Try lesbian porn, amateur porn, or female curated porn. I like to watch Bellesa. They recently updated their site and have a bunch a female friendly porn and honesty I love it. They have versions of Rough Porn that isn’t out of control. I recommend checking it out!

Leave your comments down below if you have any tips or questions. Love you babes! ❤️❤️

(Side note: Please stop asking how to masterbate it is very frustrating)