Does this sound childish

After my man took the test for his GED, he missed it by one point. And I mean like literally one point. It’s not the end of the world. He will just re test next month. I have been trying to make him feel better by telling him not to beat himself up over it. And it could have been worse, he could have failed more than one part and I bet next time around next month he will have it. And at least he can just focus on the part he failed this time. Now, today he talked to his family and told them. He doesn’t talk to them too often and afterwards told me they made him feel better by encouraging him to keep goin, then I said. “Haven’t I been trying to make u feel better, at least I hope I am”. Do y’all think this sounds childish of me? Of course anyone would love support from family in addition to support from their SO. Right?