Tips on how to move forward?


So, as I’m writing this I’m crying hysterically so I’ll write a TLDR at the end since I really need some tips to calm down.

So here’s the background, I just graduated from undergrad this past May and am in the process of applying to Veterinary school. For this reason, I was living at home to save up some money and because its close to my part time job - obviously living at home meant no rent, I could borrow a car, and the help of my family if I needed any funding. However, my parents are hispanic and one of the strictest people I’ve ever met. They track my cellphone location, give me a curfew of 9pm, and they need to give me permission for me to do anything (which to me was a major change since at college I was able to go from one location to another at my hearts desire).

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and my boyfriend of 4 months (whom my parents officially met yesterday but he has been around my house as well so he’s not a complete stranger to them) decided to treat me to a day in the city. We ended up getting home around midnight mildly intoxicated so I called my parents to let them know I was gonna sleepover at his house. They declined and yelled at me to get home no matter what, only thing I was not about to drive back drunk or have him drive like that (much less have my parents pick me up since they hate when I drink, even if Im not drunk). I ended up falling asleep and got home today to them disowning me for not coming home.

Their rationale is since I am now an “adult” clearly living my own life and not following house rules, I have a month to find another job as they’re cutting me off financially. I also can no longer live in the house. Am I the only one who thinks this is too much? At this point, idk if they’re doing this because they think I’m a hoe by sleeping over at his house and bc they don’t really like him (since he didn’t give me a gift - like a material gift such as a necklace rather than an expensive night out in the city).

So yea, thats my life right now. Currently crying bc I officially feel lost and scared that my life has just crumbled in front of my eyes. Not only did I lose my parents, who I love regardless if how crazy I am, but I feel like I’m worthless and committed something that grants me going to hell since they went so far to disown me.

If any of you have been in this situation, PLEASE any tips would be greatly appreciated.

TLDR: My parents disowned me from the family after I slept over at my boyfriend’s house last night. I have no money to live off of, and a part time job. Any tips on how to move forward in regards to money and lifestyle as well as with the “guilt” and depression of having lost my family.