My Mom and Our House

I’m not really sure how to word this all but this is something I need to get off my chest. I’m almost 18 years old and live with my mom since my parents are divorced and my father is a mentally abusive asshole.

My family has lived in the same house for over 21 years now and it’s where my older sister and I basically grew up and have so many memories in it and in the neighborhood we live in.

Due to my parents divorce and my father taking my mother back to court to get full custody of me(instead of it being joint(?) custody), my mom is in a lot of financial debt because of the lawyer fees.

She works for a health and wellness company and is a health and wellness couch but truthfully doesn’t have very many clients so she isn’t getting paid as much. She has put in requests for jobs but they’ve all been declined and due to health reasons I can’t get a job to help out financially like I want to.(all I could do is possibly babysit but that still isn’t a lot of money)

My mom recently had a little emotional breakdown(which normally she doesn’t have because she tries to stay strong and positive) and said how she should really just sell our house so she could get out of debt and possibly have a little money because since I’m turning 18 the child support from my father will stop completely and that’s all we really rely for food and other things since my mom doesn’t get much money and she has no idea what she’s going to do once the child support money stops. Even if we did sell the house it would probably take us months to find a place to rent and find somewhere else to put a lot of our other furniture(we have a lot of family antiques) and it would cost money to put them in a storage locker which we really don’t have extra money for.

But, I think it may be a good idea to sell this house. It will get my mom out of debt which makes me feel better because it would take some stress off of her but I really don’t want to move and I know she wouldn’t want to either.

I think it would be a good idea because yes there’s been so many happy memories in this house, but there’s also been sad and painful ones and I think since I’m turning 18 and finally getting away from my abusive father, it would be good to just completely start anew, where nothing is tied to him in anyway. My father has caused a lot of pain in stress to my mom, sister and I that I kind of think this would be a good thing. But truly don’t know how to say any of this to my mom.

This house has been our home and safe place for so long that it would feel weird to have to sell it and try to find somewhere else that can be a safe place, but I would really like to see my mom a little less stressed out. She tries to stay positive and I do too, but I know the stress is really taking a toll on her and I don’t know if me saying it might be a good idea to sell the house would make her feel worse somehow.