Can you go back to work after having a brain stroke?

Ive posted ab my future mil before on here🙄 but I'm really getting frustrated because my boyfriend has 0 dollars to his name until friday because he had to pay for his car tag and then rest of the money got handed over to his mom.

She had a brain stroke years ago and claims that she cant work now... which may or may not be true but she's definitely a user so I wouldnt be surprised if she's lying bc she told my boyfriend that nobody will hire her bc she's had a stroke...

I'm really scared that when my boyfriend and I get married, a lot of our money will still go to his mom for her bills and needs and that bothers me a lot.

Has anybody been in a similar situation or can give any advice?

Everytime we talk ab it, he says that when he moves out, she will get a smaller place that she can afford. But why is she not doing that now?? I know she sees my boyfriend struggling😔😔

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