My boyfriend keeps touching me

We’ve been together for almost 2 years now. I don’t have as high of a sex drive as he does. Everyday he just feels me up if we haven’t had sex, he squeezes my butt, my boobs, my tummy (he likes that) and try to rub my vagina and say how horny he is, if I say I’m not in the mood, he stops touching me for about 5 minutes and gets really moody and kinda guilt trips me by saying stuff like “it’s fine, I know you don’t like having sex with me as much any more.” And it’s not that I’m just not in the mood. I legitimately cannot bend over around him without him either spanking me or rubbing my butt. Or if I sit next to him on the sofa, I always feel like he’s gonna have his hand ready so it underneath my butt when I sit down because he does that so many times. And he just keeps doing it, it’s getting really annoying, I just want to sit there and do what I’m doing and he’ll just keep touching me up. It’s gotten to the point where i don’t really feel like I can ask him to stop because of the reaction he has, he just gets so moody about it. And I’m not gonna lie, times like these it kinda puts me off having sex with him at all.

I don’t know what to do anymore.