My partner isn’t very supportive

Granted, I’m only 12 weeks pregnant, but in these 12 weeks he hasn’t exactly shown me his support or made me feel as though I can rely on him at all. I feel sick. My back hurts. I’m tired. All the time. But I dare mention that to him and all I get is “I’ve worked longer than you” or “you’re always tired” with an eye roll and a lot of attitude. How far gone do I have to be before he takes this seriously or even tries to understand? Yes, I work shorter hours than he does, but I never try to make out like my job is strenuous. I get up with him at 5am, i make his lunch and I’ll make him a tea. I see him off with a smile and a kiss. But I’ll just mention after a day working 2 jobs and not having a break, that I’m feeling tired, and then it’s all down hill from there. I just wish for once he’d give me a hug and a few words of comfort. Or offer to cook. Ask if I want a drink. Anything. I just feel alone and to be honest I’m scared of him never giving me the support I need.