Dear Emily

I absolutely can't stand you! You think cause your pregnant that gives you a green light to talk about me because your caring my son's baby, and you might be right! Cause I would never touch you caring my grandchild but just know your only pregnant 9 months. I have allowed you to enter my home, make you comfortable, except you with a open heart for a couple of years and all I get back is being disrespected by you bringing up old crap that I assumed was delt with 7 months ago! You will NEVER marry into my family and you will NEVER be excepted by me anymore. As long as I can see my grandchild I could care less to ever see you. I pray every night my son opens his eyes to what kind of a monster he's with cause he has ruined his life being with you and you encourage him to stay away from his family. Your not worth my tears anymore and you can't help someone that don't want help. I feel sorry for any poor soul that falls in your path. Just know you'll never be excepted so you can kick rocks back to your pathetic mother that blocked me for no reason because I knew the gender of the baby 1st whom I never even meet to start with. Your family is disturbing your brother is a loser, And your just a dusty faded trophy on my sons shelf. I'm at my breaking point with you, I may have to tolerate you grin and bare it so I can see my grandchild and keep my son happy? But just know deep down...I really can't stand you any longer.