I think I’m pregnant ☺️

I say think, because I’m 10 days late, with no signs of starting anytime soon. Usually if I’m a couple days late and I lm on top, I usually start that night but I’ve been having sex regularly and not even spotting afterwards.

I’ve been crying (over emotional I. General) all week. My nipples have been super sore and erect for almost two weeks, mild cramping for almost two weeks also, I had out of the blue spotting the second of sept. Which would have supposed to be my second day of my period. And the past two night I’ve been nauseous if I don’t start by tomorrow night I’ll be getting a test so I can hopefully get my bfp Friday or Saturday. I’m hoping my body just isn’t tricking me. Two months ago I had a false positive and it was quite heartbreaking for me and myDH. I’ve been praying every single night in hopes that this is it finally.