I’m insecure about how I look I’m pretty average looking I think. But growing up my mom was very harsh she made me have a lot of insecurities she never once complimented me she always tore me down. Like once I wore red lipstick ( I’m like a brown tone skin color) and she said no you should take it off it looks ugly and makes you look dark. She slut shames me when I don’t even wear clothes that revealing or short or says I look like a little girl because I wear semi short above knee dresses or shorts. And when I was with my ex towards the end of our relationship those insecurities build up since he’d like girls pics that had big boobs and butt and tried talking g to girls like that. My current bf doesn’t compliments me much here and there and my insecurities have been kinda high lately. I know insecurities are a my issue I’m not saying it’s my bf job to make me feel better no. I just want some advice from you ladies on how I can get past my insecurities? How can I cope with them or get past them. Yeah I know they won’t erase completely but how can I live with them in the sense that they won’t make me feel as bad that I’m not good looking enough or enough in general ? Thank you for reading and any replies in advance 🙏🏽