Putting baby on a schedule

Kaitlyn • Greyson Kole born 7/23/2019 💙

My baby turned 7 weeks today and I’ve noticed because I don’t have him on an exact feeding times during the day sometimes his feeding time for bedtime doesn’t line up and I like to put him down with a bottle. Currently I kinda just let my baby tell me when he’s hungry which is every 3-4 hours. So my question is if I want to start him on an exact time of day schedule for feedings, should I be feeding every 3 even if he’s not showing signs of hunger yet? I know if I put him on a schedule of every exact 4 then there will be times he’s hungry at the 3 hour mark and it will throw the schedule off anyway because he will scream bloody murder if I don’t feed him when he’s hungry. what’s do you guys do? How does your feeding schedule work?