Pregnant but got caught on the pill!!


Lol the title sounds a bit weird n please guys don’t judge me on this one.

I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks in September last year it was traumatising. I began bleeding went to the hospital was referred to gynea who said my cervix was closed and fine... did a scan, couldn’t find a baby... I told them I think I had had a missed miscarriage but they did a vaginal scan and said they found our baby but it was ectopic and I couldn’t go home because I needed Surgery because they thought the baby was ectopic.

Had surgery... came out... was told “nothing was removed, tubes were left alone etc” I was correct I’d had a missed miscarriage we were devastated.

6 months later (April this year) I found out I was pregnant again... we were happy but nervous - 3 days after getting my positive... I lost it....

Fast forward to today... I am pregnant again... digital says 1-2 weeks I am a mixture of emotions. I had gone on the pill to prevent pregnancy because 1. I was scared of it happening again and 2 I start uni next week to (ironically enough) become a midwife!!! I am happy and hopefully, scared and shocked, and it defo hasn’t come at a good time. 😂 I will still be continuing with uni, and I will be keeping our baby (if it makes it past the 6 weeks!) and I am honestly ok with this I’m just never relying on the type of contraception we chose to use again!! 😂

This will be my 7th pregnancy but if it makes it.. our 5th child. I can’t tell my family accept my mom n husbands family... I am 28 years old I know I sound stupid but my Nan and my dad are very “career” driven and I know I will be told to abort it and get loads of crap from them which I do not want or need! I know I will cope emotionally and financially and I know I will still gain my career - it is them who doubt me not me doubting me.