Would you be upset?

Ladies, this could be my hormones shifting again. But my husband and I have a 9 year old from his first marriage. We have 50/50 custody and have a rotating schedule. Anyways, two weeks ago at our daughters game (she’s a cheerleader) I was talking to my husband but walking maybe a step ahead of him to get to the bleachers. Her mom was behind him. I made a comment about the stadium and said his name before I even started the comment and turned to look at him when I was saying it. Ex wife starts talking over me about nothing important just saying she never uses public bathrooms at these stadiums. Literally a useless unproductive comment. But anyways as I’m talking he turns her head and acknowledges her comment. I bring up the fact that this bothered me because he was essentially putting her and whatever she was saying above me and what I was saying. Especially because she could also hear me talking to him and chose to talk over me. Last night at dinner she texted about a school assignment that they had gotten an email on (I am not on the teachers email list because he is). Instead of texting in like 15 minutes when we were done eating, he picks up his phone and texts back and forth with her instead of talking with me and our daughter. Asking about our days- connecting with us. I brought this up again how it upset me that he was texting about soemthing that wasn’t an emergency and didn’t need to be solved that exact moment while we were having family time together. And told him 15 minutes would not have made a difference. He acts like I’m insane basically calls me crazy and doesn’t understand why I feel this way. I told him I understand they need to communicate but I told him if it isn’t an emergency regarding our daughter that I would appreciate if it wasn’t while we were eating dinner or if I am talking and she starts that he should let me finish what I am saying then acknowledge her. If anything this is just a vent. But I hate that he calls me crazy when I bring up how I feel.