Massive Juno the rescued kitten update

I tried to take pics of her on her Juno blanket. I got a blanket with a cat that looked like her and it’s hers now. But y’all🤣 I have created a monster

So I gave up and just took clear pictures

What have I done? 🤣 this is the craziest kitten I’ve ever met. I think it’s because she knows she’s finally living and not suffering

The vet I used did such an amazing job with her. I don’t think I’ll ever use another vet for the rest of my life lol. And I know this is really weird and random but I didn’t know she had white paws, she didn’t have any fur on them for a while and the hair started growing and I was like!!! Oh my god you have white paws 😂😍

And I know it looks like she was all mistreated locked up in a cage but I couldn’t touch her and she couldn’t be in contact with my other cats due to ringworm and ear mites and just being very sickly. But we hold her like a baby now