Am I being too sensitive?

I recently started a new relationship, I was open with my kids and new man. He met my kids shortly after we started dating. A mutual decision between them and him. My kids are all over 16.

My kids think he is great. He gets on with them. All good!

However his daughter was coming to stay with him last minute. He had plans with my kids and myself. He was planning on staying with us for the weekend and we had a family event on the Saturday.

He then decided to stay with his daughter in a hotel as he only has one bed and she is 17 on the Friday and said we would meet up early Saturday.

He brought his daughter over late on the Saturday and was very detached with me. My kids commented on it.

They stayed over on the Saturday night and I didn’t want to make a fuss so didn’t say anything.

I then find out he had only just told his daughter about us.

They left early Sunday to go sightseeing. I wasn’t invited.

He is at least invited to join us when my kids and I make plans.

I just feel like he doesn’t think I’m good enough for his kids. Am I wrong??