My September baby is here.

My labor and delivery experience was less enjoyable than I had wanted (24 hours of labor, ready to push, emergency c section followed), but I am just so happy that our baby is here after a high risk pregnancy, abnormalities that turned out to just be fine, and a lot of other hiccups. I am kind of mentally struggling with the c section (as an assault victim and not because I think there is any right way to give birth other than what makes us feel safe and comfortable), and some depression has stemmed from that, but I can’t help but feel lighter than a cloud and beyond elated when I see my baby.

Anyway...Hello Glow community, meet baby Clark. He was born September 14, 2:57 am, 6 pounds 12 ounces, and 21 inches long. He’s perfection and worth every path we took to end up here. He’s a quarter korean, but somehow looks even more

Korean than I do.