‘Accidentally’ found out! 😅

Rachel • Boy mom to Ellis Owen 06/2016 & Isaac Erso 02/2020

So I went in to my 18-week checkup this a.m. thinking I was just going to have a routine visit + blood work, and my doc pops in and asks me to change rooms because she wants to look at the baby. So I’m walking with her and she’s like “Do you want to know the sex if I see it?” I hesitated, because we weren’t planning on finding out for another couple weeks and my SIL wants to throw a gender reveal... but I’ve had a pretty rough pregnancy between being sick for 16 weeks and depressed. I needed something to excite me, so I was like f*ck it, “...Sure!”

Much to my surprise... it’s a BOY!!! I felt certain we were having a girl, but tbh I’m a little relieved. The thought of having a girl was exciting but scary AF. I have a 3yo boy already, so I feel more confident now. This will be fun! 😂

Now I have to keep a secret bc my husband would be so disappointed that he wasn’t there. Hope I don’t slip and say “he.”

I’m so excited!!! Team boy!