10 week ultrasound didnt go as planned

So today had my first ultrasound and said all they could see is debris whenever the one lady was talking to me. Said that it could possibly still be debris from my MC in March (which I don't see how that's possible) but did say there was a note from when they made sure everything was out back March stating that there may be debris in my uterus still. Anyways, she said it is very possible a molar pregnancy and said they'll call me tomorrow with the hcg quantitative since they had to check that. Past 4 weeks I've had brown spotting

January had a chemical and March a miscarriage.

I really dont know how much more I can take😰😰

My fiance said that he thought he saw a baby at a glance whenever they were doing the ultrasound I mean I thought that too at first but I highly doubt it. All I ask for is prayers no matter the out come.