Is my baby okay ?

Long story short my baby daddy started slapping me and when I would fight back he would choke me and I ended up blanking out and once I regain consciousness he slapped me . I had fell on the edge of my bed when he pushed me I dont think I hit my tummy but I'm not sure because it happened all so fast and he kept hitting me . I'm 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I want to know anyone that has dealt with this. Is your baby okay?. I have back ache but haven't felt my baby kick yet since he left and I'm freaking out . I can't report it because he threatened me he was going to do something to my mom if I did any actions against him. I called my doctor but the had to leave a message so nurse calls me back. We broke up and he abused me because I called his phone 50+ to get my house keys back so we can be done for good only to find out he had social media behind my back and secret emails