Feeding Help



I’m a first time mom to a 9 week old girl. I need some advice on her feeds. First off, she is steadily gaining weight so her PCP is not concerned. However, she isn’t eating a consistent amount every feeding; sometimes she eats 1 oz, 2oz or 3oz, there is no rhyme or reason to how much she eats. She typically will go every 2-3 hours between feedings but sometimes more (although she doesn’t necessarily have to eat a lot prior to go a long time in between feedings sometimes 1oz will do). She does get pretty gassy and it almost seems painful so I’m wondering if her formula has anything to do with this; she’s on Similac Pro Advanced. I wasn’t sure if switching her formula might help with this and possible encourage her to eat more?

Has anyone else experienced this or have this issue? Do you have any recommendations? I feel like I can’t get her on a schedule until she becomes more predictable with her feedings and I unfortunately have to go back to work in 3 weeks. My MIL is watching her but also has my in laws 4yr old and 16 month old to watch as well and I feel like it might be too overwhelming for her if my daughter isn’t on some sort of schedule.

Thank you for any advice or help!