The ultrasound company ruined our gender reveal.


I just want to rant because I am so frustrated. Saturday my husband and I went in to a private ultrasound business at 15 weeks to find out the gender of our first baby. We paid $110 for the ultrasound to be 4D, $30 for a balloon with confetti to announce it to our friends and family, $20 for a flash drive with pictures and videos of our baby, and an extra $10 to have the pictures and videos sent to my phone.

We got there and I was so excited that I didn’t realize that the ultrasound was just a regular 2D one instead of a 4D one. We wanted to know what the gender was so we could call siblings that live out of state and tell them before we took the balloon over to my parents house to pop it. We found out our little baby is a GIRL! We are so excited and pay for all of our things and tip $15 and get handed our balloon and flash drive and printed pictures.

We head to Zurchers to get our balloon blown up (another $8) and the balloon has a hole in it near the bottom. The lady asks if we want to buy a different balloon and we just ask her to deflate it a little bit and tie it above the hole, which worked.

We take the balloon to my parents house and we are so giddy to show pictures and videos but we decide to wait til after we pop the balloon.

We set everything up in the back yard and get all the cameras ready and pop the balloon and BLUE GLITTER FLIES EVERYWHERE. My parents and grandparents and cheering and are so excited and my husband and I just looked at each other so confused. We have to explain that it’s a girl and we must have gotten the wrong balloon. Which was okay, mistakes happen and it was kind of funny but also pretty disappointing.

We decide to move on to pictures and videos and we all crowd around my laptop as I plug in the flash drive and a giant error report pops up that THE FLASH DRIVE IS BLANK.

I am annoyed and my husband is comforting me and my mom calls the ultrasound place to tell them what’s going on. They say the manager will call back in a few minutes. Meanwhile we still haven’t received any pictures or videos on my phone, and when the manager calls back my husband explains to her that our balloon was the wrong color, our flash drive is empty and we never got pictures sent to us. She is nice and apologizes and assures is that “this never happens” and offers us a redo. I say no, I don’t want to go back I just want our money back. She tells us we will get a full refund and that she will send me the pictures on my phone and we say okay.

We hang up and an hour later I receive the same five pictures that we had printed out of the ultrasound machine and a VIDEO OF A BABY THAT ISNT OURS.

Lord help us. We just laugh at this point, what a mess. At least we know our baby is a girl and we got to share that with our family, but I feel like our first baby’s big announcement was taken away from us. Sorry this was such a long read! I just wanted to tell someone who would understand how I feel. I hope your reveals go better than mine!!!