Is this okay?

So 2 1/2 weeks ago the Air Conditioning went out at my work. Where I live is hot, all the time. So when I get to work it’s like 83°F and the humidity is around 70% INSIDE, we have no windows and only one door that we leave open; our only airflow is a fan we bought. . I work in a busy salon so I’m on My feet all day long. Is there any regulation about temperature? I’m 3 months pregnant so I already don’t feel too great and I’m showing clear signs of heat stress everyday that I work. I’ve been on the edge of passing out a few times in the past week from the heat and no matter how much water I drink I’m still very dehydrated. Example, like when I go pee at work it’s like orange, but after I come home to the ac and rest up I’m back to normal (tmi sorry). I’m starting to be concerned Could It be harmful for the baby?

They told us it could be weeks to months before it is fixed. I don’t know if I can deal with that.