Such a sh*tty reality

I feel like most of us have been in this spot at least once in our life. You fall in love with someone in the right place but the wrong time. Maybe you met the person you love when you were in a relationship already. Maybe they were in a relationship. Maybe you lived too far apart. Maybe you were too young when you met. Maybe you were too old. Maybe they saw you as just a friend and nothing more. Maybe you saw them as just a friend. But man oh man.

Some of us were fortunate to find our way back to that person. Some of us weren't so lucky and maybe we still think about that special person. Maybe we still love them and long for them.

I just gotta say it can suck so much! Personally, I fell in love with my best friend. And didn't realize how much I loved him until I was at his wedding....just about 8 years too late for me to realize that! Don't get me wrong! I would never wreck a home. But deep down I love him way more than everyone thinks. And it sucks. Because sometimes in the back of my mind I'm like darn I wish i told him years ago.

We live and learn right?!