No way this was prodromal labor...


Ok so Friday I went in and was released due to not progressing. Contractions were 2-5 minutes apart and not painful. I was frustrated but I understand... Last night I started having contractions again. These were so strong I could not sleep through them not could I just sit there. I had to take a bath and get on the yoga ball. When I realized that they were getting worse and staying consistent, I woke my husband up and let him know. He was kind of in and out while I was walking around the house and sitting on the yoga ball. This was at 2amnand by 4 am they stopped. I KNOW this was not Braxton Hicks and I know by the pain level it wasn't prodromal labor. How many of you ladies had labor start then stop and what's your story??

UPDATED: After all the responses and assurances.... I am thinking it's baby being stuck somewhere, somehow, against my right hip. I feel her move against it frequently and although the contractions are intense, I do not always feel her head pushing down against the cervix. So I'm going to try walking more and stretching out the ligaments that are involved... Although... I don't know what stretches to do. I'll Google it but if you have some sure thing stretches let me know!