Why does he do this?! Opinion please

Ok so I’ll make a long story short. I just had a baby with a guy I was w for 2.5 years before we had one. Things were always kinda on and off. Anyways, I had my baby last month. I am staying at his house during my maternity leave and getting help from his family. He will say he loves me when I tell him I do, kiss me, show affection, etc. But when I talk about being together he doesn’t say no but doesn’t say yes. So to me it’s clear he doesn’t want to be otherwise he would say so. Anyways, why is he almost “stringing” me along or keeping me on the “back burner”. It makes me feel like he’s doing this til he finds someone better? Idk. I’m confused why he acts affectionate when he doesn’t wsnt me. Anyone ever deal w this? I know I need to move on. I’m really trying. Also planning to go back to my house soon now that I’m adjusted w my baby bc emotionally it’s isn’t healthy for me to be here w him when I still love him and want to be with him. I’ll never love in