Is there ever a scenario when you’d leave an infant in the car for a minute? Read below

I’m a FTM with a 3 week old. I had an interesting morning and am curious how I should have handled it.

I have two small dogs who went to the groomer this morning. Before baby, I just leashed them up, got out of the truck, set them on the ground, and walked them into the groomer. Today, I had both dogs and baby. So I got the car seat out, then took the dogs in one by one (they’re super high energy so I didn’t feel comfy juggling the dogs and the baby).

When I went out to get the second dog, a lady (she was very kind) came over and suggested it was fine to leave the baby in the car for the one minute it takes to take the dogs in and drop them off or pick them double check I had my key fob so I can lock and unlock, leave the engine running, and hurry back.

What are your thoughts on this? It does truly take less than one minute to drop them off and pick them up, but I hadn’t considered I could ever leave him in the car alone even for a second??

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