PCOS weight loss journey


Hey y’all, just wanted to share my weight loss journey with pcos. I was diagnosed about a year ago at 19. I was extremely depressed, didn’t know why I kept gaining weight, and couldn’t figure out why my moods were all over the place... along side of many other symptoms that come along with PCOS. I took it upon myself to heal naturally without birth control. So I went plant based and started working out 3-4x a week. All together I’ve lost 50 pounds. I started at 200 and now I fluctuate between 150-155. It’s been a long hard process but I’m so proud of myself for getting control of my health ! I feel better than I have in years ! My cycles are back normal, my moods are stable, and I did it all the natural way. I do take some supplements to aid in my hormone balancing but no chemicals. If you are struggling with PCOS don’t give up on your health ! You can heal from this.