Should I change baby girl name?


So, when I was pregnant with my first, I had the girl name Nora Jacquin and boy name Koehn Duane picked out. Nora after my husbands mom “Norine”, Jacquinn after my awesome Grandma, Duane after my rad Grand dad. My husbands sisters said they loved the name Nora, my mother in law was thrilled we wanted to name her grand daughter after her. We ended up having a boy.

A year later, my husbands younger sister is pregnant and had names picked out, but didn’t tell anyone until she gave birth. She had a boy and named him Alexander. I asked his older sister what girl name younger sister had and she said that she had Elenora (Nora for short) picked out. I didn’t and would never call dibs on the name or anything, but I thought it was a little weird.

So, we found out we are having a girl now, I’m 26 weeks pregnant. We, of course, have Nora Jacquinn picked out again, but it seems like my husbands mom doesn’t want us to name her Nora. She keeps saying “Hello there baby Quinn” and “I just love Jacquinn and I’m so glad you’re naming her that”. We have repeatedly told her that her name is Nora, she doesn’t seem to care. My husbands younger sister isn’t done having kids and seems annoyed that we are using the name Nora. I overheard her say that she should get the name because she is her daughter and I’m just a daughter in law to Norine.

IDK...should I change the name to Jacquinn Norine? Or stay with Nora Jacquinn? What do you ladies think? 🤷🏻‍♀️