Almost 15 weeks still so nauseated


Hi ladies I’ll be 15 weeks on Sunday and my nausea hasn’t slowed down at all. I’ve stopped taking diclectin because it wasn’t even working so it became pointless. I’m a prisoner in my home and some days cry. I m having every symptom you can think of since week 6. My one issue is the ulcer pains I’m having from either getting hungry even when I eat something or if I eat something that might be triggering it. The pain is harder to deal with then the 24/7 nausea. It’s so painful that I’m having a hard time drinking like I use to. I haven’t been able to take my multi vitamins the last couple of days. This pain is a mix between hunger , nausea and ulcer pain and the three combined has even made my blood pressure a little high. I’m now having headaches probably from lack of sleep and not enough water . When I drink milk it helps coat my gut but not for long. I ve tried crackers everything you name it trying to eat as much as I can but the pain just won’t stop. Any of you have gone through this exact same thing or going through it now? If so I would really appreciate some tips or advice on what other methods might work . I’m calling my dr Monday and asking him to give me a prescription for my ulcer pain. I use to get ulcers but had them under control for years because of good dieting and healthy eating. Now this pregnancy seems to be triggering them and it’s torture. I’m always nervous and scared I’m not doing everything I can do eat more and drink enough for my baby. I am peeing though and it’s not super dark or anything so that gives me hope that I’m not super dehydrated? I’ve been trying to conceive for three years and had a recent miscarriage so My anxiety is through the roof right now 😞