🙏🏾Toddler troubles 😢😏😜🙏🏾


Hey I need some advice and help. I’m a single mother of a 3 year old of girl. I told myself that I wouldn’t spank my child and I hate when I have to do it. I try time out and even standing in the corner. But I been having issues with my child. One major is she doesn’t listen to me or her teachers at school. I get a report from school every day that she doesn’t follow directions but yet she’s very smart. It’s very confusing for me. She has been also acting out. She’s never been like this in the past. I know she’s growing and changing but my child is usually sweet and soft and really good. This past week I was told she keep lifting her shirt up and show to class and pulling her pants and showing to class. And fighting with other kids physically. Again my child has never done of this. So at nap time and at home my child keep playing with her private area. I have asked her if any one touched her there she says no and i asked has she seen other people touch her private area she says no. I also asked her why she does it. Again I’m a single mother and this year has been hard for me and challenging. I lost my job of 3 years in March and been stressed trying another job. It’s been stressful for me trying to keep up with bills and with odd end jobs. I need prayer. I also have a friend and her daughter staying with me to help with bills but she plans to move out at tax time. Please help me. I have been feeling like a horrible mother this year. I’m embarrassed I can’t afford Christmas. Her dad is a part time father. The last time he seen her was july. He lets his issues with me affect his relationship with our daughter. His mother tries to get her at least once or twice a month. So please help me. I’m only 28 I live in Ohio.