Night feedings


So my daughter wasn’t gaining as much weight as she should have the first 2 weeks. At her 2 week visit she was 1 ounce away from her birth weight. I am exclusively breastfeeding. We bought a scale for at home bc I was so worried and stressed about her weight. Since her last weeks appt, actually it’s been 4 days ago now, she’s gained a whole 5 ounces, so that’s more than an ounce a day. I’ve just been feeding on demand during the day, but if she’s sleeping I’d wake her (per doctors orders at least every 2-3 hours) and feeding for 15 min on each breast. And at night I’ll let her go up to 4 hours. But the night feeding are a struggle bc I have to wake her.

My question is, since she’s a over her birth weight now, and she’s officially 4 weeks old, do you think I need to wake her at night? I’ve read that babies will wake on their own at night. But the doctor never said anything about letting her sleep and we don’t see him again for another week. I let her sleep tonight just bc, well bc I’m human and need some real sleep!!! Hah. She woke up after 5 hours. And she was just a little fussy, she wasn’t screaming and crying. I changed her diaper and feeding her right now and she’s looking like she’s content.

Just looking to see what other moms are doing with their babies at this age :)