Danger of using progesteron cream, almost killing me

Hi all, i just thought I share my serious side effect caused by using natural progesteron cream. I started using progesteron cream to TTC and fell pregnant, continued to use till 7 weeks pregnancy. Before starting i asked my doctor, who said they do not believe in any benefit of this cream as it does not increase blood level of progesteron, but I could use it If i wanted to as I dont have any contraindications. So i decided to use it. I used less than recommended dose.

Since i become pregnant, i started getting bloating and constipation. I thoughts its an usual pregnancy symptom. After 2-3 weeks I had a dinner with spicy curry, from that night o started to get severe indigestion to the point that no food moves from my stomach anymore. I developed something doctors are calling Gastroparesis. Which means my stomach is now paralyzed and food i eat is stuck in the stomach, does not move down. After being sick for 8/9 days, I doctor diagnosed that the overdose of progesteron in my body caused this Gastroparesis. The scary part is that, this progesteron overdose does not show up in blood level, so initially I thought my cream is not causing any effect, because after 2 weeks my blood progesteron level was low. Finally doctors arranged a saliva progesteron test which was 60times greated than normal limit. This natural cream stores in fat tissue. So it may take 5-6 months to get out of my body, pr may be years.

Now what:

I have severe form of Gastroparesis. I am only tolerating clear liquid broth diet

I lost 3lbs in 2 weeks

Baby is still fine growing ok. Doctors are worried about my nutrition and dehydration. Of liquid broth diet is not enough, they will put me into parenteral nutrition

Pray for me

Be careful of using natural progesterone cream

The brans I used is called “now”