Craft sale!

So earlier this year I was blessed by my parents and got a Cricut! I had been wanting one for YEARS and when I saw years I mean years(like since 3rd grade-I’m not 21 almost 22) I am also into hand lettering and watercolor and have been trying to figure out a way to possibly make some extra cash by my hobbies since I am a SAHM. I started up an Instagram account about 1-1.5 years ago for my lettering and bullet journaling and things and it’s been pretty decent- got a few commissions here and there. Now I have the opportunity to be in a craft fair in December and I’m super excited but also scared! I’ll be selling mugs, scrunches, wooden signs, mason jars as tissue “boxes” etc. I’m just so so thankful for this opportunity that arose and for being able to use my talents to help our little family even in the slightest way!

This is a chalkboard sign and will include chalk and also will be putting a bow on top for decoration and some twine on the back incase they would like it hung instead(includes the stand as well)

Just a few of the mugs I’ve done, they aren’t all Christmassy ☺️