Bumping around 🤰🏽♥️👶🏽


27 weeks today: sore boobs🍒, pee every 20-30 minutes💦, have a very faint memory of what it’s like to sleep more then 3 hours at a time😴, super organised (nesting)✅, clingy, starting to feel puffy/bloated, mood swings 👼🏽🤬👹, craving food just lots of food 🍟🥗🍔🌮🥦🥪🍪🥑🥞🥩🍫🍐🍗🥨🥖🍏🥔🍳🥯🍩🧀🥐 baby brain confusion & forgetfulness 🤯but also general hijacking as I think of nothing else but pregnancy🤰🏽, labour🥴, breastfeeding🥛, baby👶🏽 & baby👶🏽 & baby👶🏽 & things baby needs♥️.

I’m also feeling so grateful and proud of my body for making another little human as the first one is it made (now 9👧🏽) is my bestest friend in the whole world 🌎♥️.