All my friends have gotten hit on or flirted with. Some of my friends have had guys try to ask them out too. I'm not attractive and nobody likes me. Literally nobody. I'm so ugly and dumb. I don't even have a good voice. Some of my friends have guys flirt with them over the phone. The only guy that ever showed interest in me was a creep from class and I had to report him to a teacher. I'm so unattractive that in my group of 6 friends of 4 girls and 2 guys, one of the guys flirted with every other girl in my group except me. They were talking about him when he was not there and that's how I found out. I'm just so ugly and stupid. I'm not even getting good grades anymore. So it's not like someone can like me because I'm smart. I'm lazy, unattractive, and dumb. Even when I was getting excellent grades, nobody ever showed any interest. So it means I'm ugly. I really am because I was born with a both defect so my face looks a bit different. But I know people born with the same thing and they have found someone who loves them and are about to get married to their partners. I guess I'm just unattractive in every way then.