Is there any chance I’m still pregnant?


I was about 4 weeks 2days (18dpo) pregnant when my period decided to show up. It was 6 days late, heavy-ish but I didn’t use any tampons like normal so it’s hard to tell. I only used small thin pads. It was dark red. My cramps were not as bad as a normal period. I took several pregnancy tests starting from 11dpo and all were positive. My lines never started to fade like the last chemical pregnancy.

Why did they not fade like last time?

I haven’t tested since Wednesday(16dpo) since my period was due on Monday (14dpo). Also if I test now i could still have hcg in my system and it might say positive but it wouldn’t be true.

😢 just so upset. I can’t believe this is happening again. Hopefully next time it will be the real deal.

I am calling the drs office tomorrow as all this started on Friday night.

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